A SMILE MAKEOVER can change your life: Here’s a proof

A beautiful smile undoubtedly starts with white and healthy teeth. And therefore, discoloured, mal-aligned or missing teeth directly affect individual’s aesthetics and thus their self-confidence. Thankfully, advanced cosmetic dentistry now has got a solution for those longing for a beautiful smile through – Smile Makeover.

As people are increasingly getting conscious about their looks, the need for smile correction or smile makeover is gaining popularity. Smile correction or smile designing or smile makeover is the process of enhancing the smile of your choice through a couple of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Whilst every dental clinic claims to be offering the most advanced and best smile makeover, it’s best to get a visit the proven dental specialist when it comes to get that $million smile, as B Rajalingam Gowd did to achieve the smile he always dreamed of.

An Assistant Professor in one of the Business Schools in Karnataka, B Rajalingam walked into Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital with congenital enamel defect, dead tooth and discoloured teeth to get a professional cosmetic smile assessment from Dr. Vikas Gowd, dental Implantology specialist in Hyderabad and walked out with a confident and beautiful smile.

To provide all the details to those considering a smile makeover, we have put together Rajalingam’s complete experience on how a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures by Dr. Vikas Gowd changed his looks and life. We encourage you to read it to clear your doubts about starting your journey to a beautiful smile.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Smile designing or smile makeover is a completely customized cosmetic treatment with minimal limitations to develop the perfect smile. It is not a single procedure but the treatment offers a range of artistic and skillful enhancements to give you healthy and beautiful smile you have longed for.

Interestingly, while designing a smile makeover a lot of factors including facial appearance, teeth shape and colour, gum tissues, skin tone, lips are taken into consideration.

Designing a SMILE

Before starting the cosmetic dentistry treatment, the dentist looks for any decayed tooth or missing teeth or mal-aligned teeth, worn out teeth, gum tissues, teeth discolouration, spaces between teeth, dark gums, lips and advises for the correction or multiple correction procedure accordingly.

For instance, “B Rajalingam Gowd, came to us all the way from Karnataka to improve his dental hygiene and oral health. During the initial visit we found he had congenital enamel defect on his front teeth, discoloured tooth following a fall/ trauma few years back that had led to decaying and turned out to be a dead tooth,” says Dr. Vikas Gowd, elaborating on the dental issues in Rajalingam’s case.

Rajalingam had cerebral palsy that also affected his dental health. “Also, we found that his teeth were mal-aligned. He was demotivated and wanted a smile makeover. We also analysed his aesthetics, function (primarily speech) and chewing,” Dr. Gowd adds.

At Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital, we created a custom treatment plan for Rajalingam and taking into account his needs, expectations and budget offered him multiple corrections to his teeth, gums and lips that would fit his pocket.


The smile makeover – a combination of one or more cosmetic dental procedure – initially started with evaluation of existing smile and expectations regarding the ideal smile prospects.

Prior to performing any procedure, the dentist shows mock-up using photographs of the necessary smile corrections on the computer. This is called Digital Smile Design. “Through mock-ups during two visits, we were able to show the patient the expected results to help the patient decide if he wants to go ahead with the treatment,” says Dr. Vikas.

The advantage of the DSD offers an option to check, appreciate or modify the future smile.

Next was removing his decayed and dead tooth and restoring missing tooth with dental implant. “The smile makeover also involved correction of the enamel defect with full ceramic crowns and removal of the dead tooth and replacement with a dental implant and again corrected with full ceramic crowns.  Since his teeth were mis-aligned, through tooth bonding procedures, we restored balance to the uneven teeth.”

The complete treatment was completed in 6-7 visits spanning two weeks.

Results & Benefits

> A SMILE MAKEOVER delivered

> A beautiful and confident smile

Regained confidence

Emotional well-being

Overall dental health

Lower risk of infection and decay

Procedure Cost

Although smile designing cost is very high in countries like US and UK, smile designing cost in India is comparatively lesser and depends on the severity of the dental condition and treatment involved.

Post Procedure Care

Follow up visits to dentist and review in every six months

Requires avoiding biting or chewing of very hard objects like bones, bottling caps etc.

Regular brushing and flossing

Avoiding food with high sugar content

Who can perform a Smile Design

It is important to understand that smile designing is a specialised treatment that requires multiple procedures by expert hands with deep experience across various procedures of cosmetic dentistry. In order to achieve the desired smile, a proven dental specialist like Dr. Vikas Gowd should be approached.

Why Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospital

Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals is recognized as the best dental hospital in Hyderabad when it comes to smile makeover and smile designing. Dr. Vikas Gowd, Director of Oral Implantology, Genova University and a highly experienced specialist in Dental Implantology, is acclaimed to offer one of the best dental implants treatment in India.

With an in-house team for smile designing and the best expertise, Dr. Vikas takes a comprehensive approach to help you give that perfect smile. At Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, we are equipped with the latest technology at par with best dental clinics in India and follow international standards to give you the smile you dreamed of.

If you are considering a smile design or smile makeover, we will be happy to answer your queries. If you need a consultation, schedule an appointment @ Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals for your smile makeover.