Dr.M.Vikas Gowd M.D.S, Founder – Being invited to represent India in the Annual Consensus Conference of European Association of Dental Implants

Dr.M.Vikas Gowd M.D.S, Founder, President and Director of School Of Dental Implants had the prestigious honour of being invited to represent India in the Annual Consensus Conference of European Association of Dental Implants. He is the Only Indian till date being invited by the European Association for Dental Implants [BDIZ EDI]to participate in the Consensus […]

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Indian doctor is invited for European Consensus Conference (EuCC) of Dental Surgeons in Germany

DR VIKAS GOWD DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGIST REPRESENTS INDIA AT 11 th EUROPEAN CONSENSUS CONFERENCE (EuCC) AND EUROPEAN COMMITTEE MEETING BETWEEN 6th & 7th FEBRUARY 2016 ON SHORT AND ANGULATED IMPLANTS AND THEIR ADVANTAGES AND LIMITS. Professor Dr.Vikas Gowd Manga ,Senior Prosthodontist & Pioneer in Implantology, Director of School Of Dental Implants will be representing the Indian […]

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Common Mistakes while brushing and Cleaning

Most people though brush everyday still arent aware of the right way to brush.  1. The longer you brush doesnt mean it makes your teeth whiter or cleaner.  Longer brushing and hard brushing could make your tooth enamel wear off and make th em more sensitive 2. Cleaning your tongue is as important as brushing. […]

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Ingestion habits that put teeth at risk

Eating habits can be a major factor in determining the oral health of a person. Starting from direct corrosive effects of certain substances to deficiency related effects caused by lack of certain nutrients, our eating habits can immensely predict our oral hygiene. Substances that cause tooth decay: Food heavy in simple sugars and starch can […]

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Dental health care: A must for healthy living

While at least a few visits to the dentist’s chamber become compulsory during the lifetime of the average person; it is more important to contemplate on the conditions under which one has to go to the dentist. Is one going for a regular check-up or, are we talking about one of those painful root-canal sessions?  […]

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