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Dental Tourism

The city of Hyderabad is sure to charm you with its many tourist spots, shopping centers and delicious local cuisine. Hyderabad dental tourism has greatly increased the influx of tourists to the city. In Hyderabad, you can get world class dental healthcare services at affordable rates.

Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals are well equipped with modern amenities and highly trained and qualified orthodontists to offer world-class dental care. There is no waiting period, as you can get treatment immediately, without having to worry about the issues of insurance.

Our warm and friendly panel of expert dentists, orthodontists and guest services team are fluent in English and several Indian languages, including Hindi and Telugu. Our internationally trained team of specialized dentists and orthodontists provides specialty-based dental care in accordance to the dental needs of the patient. We constantly upgrade our services, technologies and infrastructure to provide you the latest and best in dental treatment. We provide convenient appointments at short notice for our overseas patients

Benefits of Dental Tourism

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of traveling overseas for your dental care. As you read, you may be surprised to see there are far more benefits than simply saving a lot of money. Let’s take a look:

Low Cost:   Dental tourism is a great money saver. That is the biggest attraction for most to go abroad for dental treatment. The economy of all developing countries is such that all amenities like food and shelter and education and treatment charges are low there.

High Quality:  The fact that it is cheap does not make these dental services inferior. The doctors in developing countries are well trained and often many of them have studied and trained in western countries. Apart from this, they also possess modern equipments and state-of-the-art technology.

 Immediate Service:  Avoidance in time delay is another attraction. Most agencies understand the importance of the problem and they are very quick in their service.

 Great Convenience:  Comprehensive packages by agencies make sure that they take care of all aspects of an overseas dental appointment. Their comprehensive package ensures that the patient gets the necessary information and contacts immediately.

Travel Opportunities: As the name dental tourism implies, those traveling abroad for dental care are combining the pleasures of a vacation with dental treatment. In most of the developing countries that dental appointments are made, boarding and lodging and traveling also come cheap. So it would be most ideal to combine dental treatment with a pleasure trip. Most of the dental care seekers turn medical care into a holiday by opting to get appointments on weekends and taking along family or friends with them.


The idea of traveling outside of your country to obtain dental care, or dental tourism, is rapidly becoming very attractive option for those people who need cosmetic dentistry procedures, restorative dental care, and routine dental treatment.

While you are getting a beautiful smile, you can spend time admiring the sights and sounds of Hyderabad and India. Our guest services team would be happy to make arrangements based on your request.

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