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Indirect Composites – Adora Crowns

Indirect composite is cured outside the mouth, in a processing unit that is capable of delivering higher intensities and levels of energy than handheld lights can. Indirect composites can have higher filler levels, are cured for longer times and curing shrinkage can be handled in a better way. As a result, they are less prone to shrinkage stress and marginal gaps and have higher levels and depths of cure than direct composites. For example, an entire crown can be cured in a single process cycle in an extra-oral curing unit, compared to a millimeter layer of a filling.

As a result, full crowns and even bridges (replacing multiple teeth) can be fabricated with these systems.

Indirect dental composites can be used for:

  • • Filling cavities in teeth, as fillings, inlays and/or onlays
  • • Filling gaps (diastemas) between teeth using a shell-like veneer
  • • Reshaping of teeth
  • • Full or partial crowns on single teeth
  • • Bridges spanning 2-3 teeth

At Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, our in-house laboratory is equipped to make indirect composite Adora crowns. We have the expertise in making cost effective Adora crowns that can be matched to your original teeth colour and fill gaps and reshape teeth. These crowns decrease clinical time, provide a durable restoration, and allows treatment of patients who lack the cooperative ability to endure prolonged dental appointments.

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