In-House Laboratory

Our in-house dental lab takes guesswork out of custom dentures and crowns. Our high experienced and skilled laboratory technicians can see you and your mouth to make on-the-spot adjustments. We fabricate on-site to ensure a beautiful fit and that the color matches your other teeth. Other offices simply send patient measurements to an off-site lab, hoping for a perfect fit.

Our dental CAD/CAM software suite provides a solution for the design and manufacture of high quality dental restorations in 3D; faster, easily and more accurately when compared with conventional manual techniques.

Advantages of In-House Dental Laboratory

  • • Same day denture and partials repairs
  • • Same day re-line of dentures and partials
  • • Custom color staining of porcelain crowns to match your tooth color
  • • Stringent quality control. We fabricate crowns, bridges and dentures on-site to ensure proper fit, that colors match as nearly as possible and that tooth shape conforms to each patient’s natural teeth.

Our team of dental lab technicians has years of experience working with us. The lab has been developed through the advancement in dental lab equipment, new dental technologies, and regular training of our staff. In our modern, and state of the art equipped laboratory, our highly motivated dental technicians have no difficulties to meet the highest requirements.

With personalized dental services and clinical excellence, Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals deliver strong, beautiful, healthy smiles. We invite you to experience contemporary dental care with a personal touch.

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