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Weather and Time Update

Geographically situated on the Southern Peninsula, Hyderabad has a rock-strewn and rough terrain. Hyderabad has a tropical climate that is extremely arid and damp. The temperatures in Hyderabad can rise up to 44 degrees Celsius during the summer months and can go down as low as 8 degrees Celsius during the winter season.

Summer Season in Hyderabad

Summers are very hot as the temperature ranges from 45 to 30 degrees Celsius. This season is from March to June, with general weather being hot and humid. People wear light clothes to beat the heat while going out.

Monsoon Season in Hyderabad

This city receives heavy rainfall and the downpour brings about a pleasant atmosphere and allows the tourists to go out and have fun. Monsoon starts from mid June and ends in October.

Winter Season in Hyderabad

November to February is generally cold and pleasant. January is the coldest month during winter. Temperature averages from 25 degrees Celsius to13 degrees Celsius.

Hyderabad is +5.30 hours ahead of GMT

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