Dental CAD CAM

Dental CAD/CAM

Dr. Gowd’s is the first to place CAD/CAM based dental crowns in South India in the year, 2012. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have become an increasingly popular part of dentistry over the past 25 years. Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals is equipped with a modern and technologically advanced in-house laboratory. This allows our hospitals to undertake CAD/CAM dentistry that decreases the turn-around time for treatments, much appreciated by international patients who have tight schedules.

Main advantages of CAD/CAM technology:

  • Accuracy of shape prevents gapping between tooth crowns and surrounding teeth
  • Immediate 3D images remove the need for taking time-consuming impressions of teeth
  • Computer sculpting creates a much healthier restoration for the tooth in a matter of minutes
  • Short sculpting time allows the dentist to place your dental restoration during the same visit, instead of requiring two visits
  • CAD/CAM restorations are better-fitting, more durable and more natural looking (multi-colored and translucent, similar to natural teeth) than previously machined restorations.
Dental CAD CAM


The technology is so precise that dental restorations made by CAD/CAM often fit better than those made by hand. Patient satisfaction is being increased simply because you can have your tooth repaired in a single day, instead of having to return for repeat appointments. Spending time in the dentist’s chair is low on most people’s priority lists, and CAD/CAM dentistry technology is helping you move on faster than ever before.

Cerec 3D is the state of the art technology that makes it easy for the dentists and patients in making all kinds of restorations with micro millimeter accuracy in a span of few hours. Clinical applications include metal and all-ceramic crowns and bridges, onlays, inlays, and veneers, as well as a variety of implant restorations. The system can also produce custom implant abutments in both zirconia and titanium.

By using the CAD/CAM technology, we are in complete control of the final result. Since the crown, inlay, onlay or veneer is designed and fabricated from start to finish by us, we have total control over how it will look and fit. A crown made in a laboratory is under the control of technicians and assistants who work of plaster models and have not even seen the patient, and this affects the end result.


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We pride ourselves in providing you exceptional patient care and a range of services in general and specialized dentistry. Our 100+ years of experience, expertise and 2 million satisfied patients only reaffirms our commitment to dental excellence. Our in-house dental laboratory, ISO certification, environmental friendly ambience and affordability, further attribute to our patient safety and comfort.

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