Dr.M.Vikas Gowd M.D.S, Founder – Being invited to represent India in the Annual Consensus Conference of European Association of Dental Implants

Dr.M.Vikas Gowd M.D.S, Founder, President and Director of School Of Dental Implants had the prestigious honour of being invited to represent India in the Annual Consensus Conference of European Association of Dental Implants. He is the Only Indian till date being invited by the European Association for Dental Implants [BDIZ EDI]to participate in the Consensus meet on SHORT IMPLANTS , TILTED IMPLANTS AND MINI IMPLANTS.

The BDIZ EDI is working on topics that are highly current and highly controversial. BDIZ EDI considers it an important task to look for, and find, a pan-European consensus on these topics. On an annual basis, an European panel of experts consisting of practitioners and academics are meeting under the auspices of BDIZ EDI to develop a consensus on the topic and to draft a pertinent guideline. Since 2006 the European Consensus Conference (EuCC) is trying to give answers on hot topics in oral implantology

1.The results o f this meet are published and used as gold standard for all dental insurances in the european union, uk, and some parts of north america.

2. It is used of as a guide to settle any issue arising for medico legal cases.

3. its is widely used worldwide as a reference on indications limitations and uses of the particular procedure or technique in dental implants

Dr Vikas Gowd is among the first to use mini implants for denture stabilization and short and very short implants in south east asia . he has more than 15 years of documentation for the same. His experience and publications were found to be very useful in forming the consensus report .

His inputs into placement and guidelines on angled and tilted implants were found to be invaluable. He specifically discussed that these implants were to be used only in patients where insufficrent bone was present and they need to take bicortical support.

While speaking at the conference Dr. vikas gowd emphasized the need of exchange of knowledge skill and expertise of the European and International dental community with the Indian counterparts. While accepting the suggestions by Dr. Gowd, members of the European dental association have assured of conduction seminars workshops and conferances in association with school of dental implants in India

EDI has requested Dr. Vikas to form the Indian Chapter of EDI.

The EDI India will extend its services to dentist and common people by

1. Educating and training dentist on current evidence based concepts in dental implantology in India and Germany

2. Availability of latest technology and techniques in cost effective manner for common man

3. Extending international expertise to common man through dental workshops in India

4. Encourage research and development in the dental field by collaborating with the european counterparts

School of dental implants an affiliate body of the EDI, is actively working towards the empowerment of the dental fraternity by not only improving their dental knowledge and skills by research and development but also helping them in attaining their personal and professional goals through soft skills , personal development and practice management.

School of dental implants and Dr. vikas gowd , have a vision of providing the same quality of sevice and standard of treatment followed in the west by all fellow dentist in india. Dr. Gowd spoke of providing treatment based on quality and not on cost which in most cases is jeopardizing dental service and thus ending with unhappy patients. They are working also on cost effective alternatives for the same. EDI have also assured of coming to India this year to start of their project in India.

With best regards

Dr. Vasavi

Manager public relations