Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are soft, almost unbreakable and comfortable to wear. The sheer thought of improved retention is more than sufficient for many of our patients to opt for them. We make flexible dentures in-house using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality materials to ensure perfect fit.

The dentures are flexible because the material is not a normal acrylic but an injection moulded thermoplastic resin. In most instances the process is exactly the same as for a conventional denture and only differs in the final processing. Some of the benefits include

  • Cosmetically elegant, as there are no metal clasps and the flexible dentures can be combined with natural color clasps.
  • Our flexible dentures are metal-, acrylic- and monomer-free.
  • They are lightweight, strong and durable.
  • Flexible dentures are almost unbreakable and can be made thinner than traditional acrylic dentures, thereby providing the patient more comfort and confidence.
  • Flexible dentures have the right degree of flexibility and will not warp or turn brittle.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Flexible dentures can be used for patients who are allergic to conventional acrylic restorations.

At Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, we prescribe flexible materials for removable partial dentures (RPDs) because it makes a better, stronger appliance faster. Flexible material reduces chair time, eliminates invasive procedures and the cumbersome materials associated with rigid partials. In short, there is no longer any need for metal.

Flexibility removes many of the unwanted aspects of metal partials. There are fewer steps in the treatment process because preparation of natural teeth is unnecessary. Without the metal frame, the fabrication and try-in process have also been simplified.


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