Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces are one of the newest brace types on the market. These are not braces like you are used to. Invisalign Braces are not permanent rather they are plastic clear retainers that are worn. This type of braces is most often used for those who have a simple case of crooked teeth. How it works is we, at Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals will take measurements of your teeth, and then make plastic trays made. You wear these plastic retainers for awhile. On your next appointment, the same process is repeated. This continues over time and slowly with each new Invisalign retainer, your teeth move into position.

Advantages of Invisalign Braces

  • They are Invisible hence the name
  • You can easily remove them meals and cleanings
  • They are high tech and your treatment can be computer simulated
  • They will not stain or damage your teeth


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Why Dr.Gowd’s?

At Dr.Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, we have state-of-the-art facility to treat most dental diseases effectively and painlessly. Dr.Gowd’s Dental hospital is among the first dental setup in Hyderabad and Secunderabad to have started treating patients teeth with root canal treatment way back in the 1980’s. Dr.Gowd’s dental today is equipped with advanced treatment in a short span of time with high precision and predictability. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment such as RVG for diagnosis, Electronic Pulp tester, Rotary endodontics, thermafill, Dental LASERs which are used for root canal treatment, treatment time for root canal treatment is reduced to less than hour which used to take about 3-4 sittings.

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