Crowns and Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

At Dr. Gowd’s Dental Hospitals, our passion is to replicate nature. Toward this effort, we use the most advanced equipment, technology and materials to simply treatment and enhance results and patient comfort.

The E-Max crowns that we use, is a type of all-ceramic crown which is preferred for its longer lasting, aesthetic qualities. This crown and the zirconia crown are worn due to their highly attractive appearance which ensures that they complement the rest of your teeth.
It is considered a good option for damaged, stained or poor quality teeth.

It is considered a good option for damaged, stained or poor quality teeth.

What is an E-Max crown?

This is a type of all-ceramic crown with an appealing translucent colour which is combined with extra strength and durability.

This crown is made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic: this is a top grade material which has been harvested for its toughness, durability and opaque qualities which makes it a highly prized crown.

Plus it is considered a breakthrough in dental crown technology.

You get a glass ceramic crown which is tough and enduring but delicate in appearance.

Crowns and Bridges


Advantages of an E-Max crown

This crown is considered to be the best match with your own natural teeth. The transparent colour and lifelike shape ensures that it is unlikely to be noticed amongst your own natural teeth.
There is no metal alloy base with this crown which means no unsightly looking grey line around the gum line.

They are strong, long lasting and unlikely to crack or fracture as compared to many other types of crowns. They are considered to be at less risk of chipping compared to zirconia crowns.

How is an E-Max crown fitted?

There may be some preparation involved although this depends upon the state of your teeth and the extent of work that is needed. In many cases only a small amount of tooth preparation is required.

This preparation begins with an examination of the tooth to be treated. The tooth is cleaned and then reshaped using a small drill known as a burr. The idea behind this is to improve the shape of the tooth and its condition so that it is ready for the fitting of the crown.

A small amount of your tooth is removed with the drill although this depends upon the extent of the damage. The more heavily stained the tooth the greater the amount of tooth to be removed. But if you have small teeth then you may not undergo any tooth reduction.

An impression is then taken of your teeth. This involves the use of a mould filled with dental putty which you will be asked to bite into. The impression left by your teeth is used by our in-house dental laboratory as a cast which is then used in the fabrication of your E-Max crown.

We will fit a temporary crown which you will wear for two to three weeks until your new crown is ready. Once it is ready then you will return to the dental surgery for the fitting.

The new crown is fitted and its colour checked against a shade chart. This chart shows a range of natural coloured teeth and the aim is for your crown to match that and fit in with your existing teeth.

It is given a final clean and polish.


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